Body Transformation Workshop

LOOSH’s 1 DAY body transformation workshop

with Transformation Coach, Diana Marion.

Would you like to receive clarity, greater awareness and to shine some light on what your body is asking for?? Not fro me or anyone else but from your own body’s consciousness?

This 1 day workshop is designed to do just that! A practical, hands on experience where you get to ask all sorts of questions to get all the awareness from your body you require! You will go home at the end of the day, with all the information and knowledge you require to take the next steps in creating the communication you desire with your body and to have your body show up in a way that will truly work of you!! That is: if you are prepares to listen to your body without a point of view and receive what your body wants you to know??

  1. A practical, hands on workshop all about your BODY and what it truly desires and requires!
  2. A Day of asking masses of questions to your body to finally give you the awareness’s your body is so dying for you to receive!
  3. A day where you don’t have to work out what questions to ask your body or even what the right questions are! I will do the hard work for you and create a specific questionnaire designed to bring up the consciousness your body desires to gift you.
  4. A day filled with AHA moments, amazing awareness’s, play and fun with like minded beings.
  5. You will learn and use easy and proven tools and techniques so you can really know how to talk to your body and receive the awareness and answers you so desire .
  6. Walk away at the end of the day with a very clear vision, a written blueprint of what to do next with total clarity with your body, not from a so called outside “expert” … But from the true expert – YOUR BODY’S CONSCIOUSNESS!!
  7. Greater connection and communion with your body… and your body working together in sync, listening and humming with each other.
  8. A space for you to receive greater awareness around all areas of your body: like food, movement, toxins, nutrition, therapies and more………How does your body want to move? What would it like to eat? Who would it like to work with? What nutrition it would like take? What parts requires more attention, more support? And much more…..

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