How much Me can I possibly be?

how much me

Loosh Advanced Consciousness Program to Reclaim the MAGNIFICENT YOU!                                     By Transformation Coach, Diana Marion

Since coming home from an amazing adventure in Canada and Alaska, I’ve been doing a great deal of inner reflection and introspection.

Indeed it was truly an inspirational journey where parts of myself returned and left, codes unlocked, frequencies and energies transferred and raised to new levels……an amazing experience and journey of magnitude with greater communion and a joyous connection with this incredible planet we call earth, all it’s nature beings and animals.

This has led me to move into a new level of being and clearing and working and it’s been quite phenomenal and everyday it continues to show up!! More ease, more lightness, more knowing, greater awareness, more heart space, greater communion with the powers that be, more ME and my body giving me awarenesses and massive changes beyond what it has ever contributed before!

As it often does in my universe, it begins with me, I live it and receive it, perceive it’s contribution and then, when it’s light…..I share it with beings who show up in my universe, who commune with the energy and perceive it to be contribution to their evolution and consciousness……

So, it’s time amazing beings….I will be putting together an Advanced Consciousness Group Program beginning on Thursday 16th of October to share with you what I’m now using to create dynamic change in my own reality….  Ready to play??

What will we cover:

– Soul Contract revocations – individual & collective
– Advanced Clearings for Remedy and Resolve
– Ancestral karmic Resolution
– Opening the heart meditations
– Reclaiming our sovereign free willAnd….what else is possible?

If this is light sweet being, if this group collective
consciousness experience calls your heart, body and being?? Then please honour that in you and choose!


When: Thursday 16th of October, 2014 and every 2nd Thursday evening after that for 4 sessions.
2nd session:Thursday 30th of October
3rd session: Thursday 13th of November
4th session:Thursday 27th Of November

Time: 7pm – 10pm approx

Where: Montmorency

Total investment: $307 (this can be split in 2 payments if required) total payment or first payment of $153.50 required before the 15th of October. 2nd payment if required, by 12th November, 2014.  Thank you xx


To book your space or if you would love to chat more about it, please call or text me on 0425 700 267. You can also email me on

“I know I’m here to raise and shift consciousness and to be the greatest contribution possible to the beings who resonate with that energy….it brings me great joy to be this space…if the energy that showing up in these upcoming sessions resonates with you, I would love for you to join us in creating a different possibility on this planet!  Diana xx