A Seed of Consciousness

let go of once was so what is can beWhat will make 2015 greater, better, different, more??  YOU!   Well here we are….

 at the beginning of a new year in this reality.  What will make this year greater, better, different, more??  YOU! 

You are the determining factor on what shows up as your reality this year and every year!!

This morning I woke up from my slumber remembering snipets of my dreams during the night…..the energy of my dreams was simply going back to spaces and places and circumstances that used to make me happy and finding that energy no longer existed. Can you relate? You know when you do something you used to love, or eat something you used to love to eat, and then you realise it’s just not the same??

How often do we make it a wrongness? A sadness?? Rather than just receive how cool it is that we have changed, grown, evolved and now new spaces, places, foods, beings would love to show up??

How often do we hang onto something because of the way it used to contribute to us? How much have we made it right that we are not willing to see what else would like to contribute today? To perceive what is actually relevant now?

I was so excited and it was so light as I knew I was so ready too let go of everything I made right about everything in my reality and allow myself to embrace what would love to contribute to me right now? What new multiplicity of possibilities would like to show up as my new life, living and reality? What if I was willing to let it all go, what would love to show up as my life now? What would l love to create?? In every area of my life, I’m willing to embrace what else is possible?

Rather than holding on to what I once knew, I’m willing to embrace what is!! It’s light, joyful and I’m ready for the adventure.

It doesn’t mean I have to let everything go and start again, it doesn’t even mean I have to let go of anything, it just means I’m willing too, I’m willing to let it all go if that’s what’s required, I trust that whatever Is light to leave my reality will be replacd with far greater and more contributive energy. I’m simply willing to make nothing the answer or right so what would love to enter and contribute to me now can!!

Can you sense the joy in this energy? The freedom of choosing what’s relevant now? Is it light for you to choose too, sweet being??
Can you allow this energy infuse into every part of your being, not make it significant, just choose it and see what could show up for you??

Let the adventure begin…….

Infinite blessings
Diana xx