Transformational Consciousness

What would it take for you to create dynamic change in your life?

This session begins to create the space for you to be, know, perceive and receive the possibility of choosing the infinite consciousness you truly be by bringing about the transformation you truly seek!

The session involves the use of energetic tools, processes and techniques designed to change anything and everything that isn't working in your life, so you can create a greater life through a different reality! The tools do this by allowing for the electrical discharge and dissipation of all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are storing and holding on to. As a result massive change can take place. Letting go of all of these old unconscious beliefs, patterns and paradigms allows for a brand new reality to be born, a reality filled with more of what you truly desire!

Through creating a change in the way you personally perceive whatever it is you are creating as your life, all of the poor programming that you've been buying into all of these years begins to unravel and you can finally let go of what isn't working for you in a safe space. All of a sudden, you begin to expand and feel so much lighter - this is you becoming more conscious. In this space all things are possible. Transformation takes place here and this opens the doorway to you receiving more of YOU! Truly Amazing!!

So you walk away with a greater sense of ease, expansion, lightness and an open heart! What more can you ask for than to be the infinite being you truly be enjoying an extraordinary life? Truly, How does it get better than that?

This session can be either in person or over the phone or skype and can be recorded.

1.5hr session: $185

2 hr session: $240