Diana is an inspiration to me, when I met Diana at Loosh her shop several years ago I was at a very low point in my life; I walked into her shop which was full of light & ethereal beauty, it felt like walking into a sanctuary of Angels after being under siege. Diana came up to me and looked at me with those big green eyes, she really looked at me she saw who I was on the inside it seemed to me as though she was saying I see who you be, it’s OK we’ll work it out. I felt as though I knew her although I had never met her before and she spoke to me, without her even touching me it seemed as though I was gathered in an offered hope, opportunity, possibility, kindness, caring & generosity whereas before stepping over that threshold it had been despair.

I walked out of her shop that day the weight had lifted off my soul & lightened on my life, I had stepped onto a new path the sun was shining and I wasn’t alone. That has not stopped there have been many new and amazing modalities Diana has introduced me to and all of the tools she uses herself. Diana has always been there to offer kindness & caring & to support you to look at the truth & find the clarity in any situation & also I might add have a good laugh about it all.

My family & I have benefitted enormously from having Diana in our lives, she is a woman of great heart & has potent capacities, abilities, strengths & talents. Her ability to cut straight to the core of the matter is fast & fantastic & her healing ability alone is extraordinary. Diana has done phenomenal healings on all of my family including my dog and more recently my 90 year old mother had a serious accident and Diana not only performed distant healing on her, she was able to give me specific information that will aid in her recovery, she also supported me while I went through the distress & upset of it all & worked with me to clear past issues with my family which is enabling the whole situation to be a miracle rather than a disaster. Diana Marion is a Master she walks her talk and has enormous capacities and is fearless & kindness personified I cannot speak highly enough of her.

Thank you Diana for all that you be and all that you are.

With love and gratitude

Mill Park

Almost a year ago I went through a rough patch in my life. At that stage all I knew was that I didn’t want to sit and dwell in the feelings and emotions that brought me down and consumed my thoughts day after day. It was at this point that I contacted Diana and booked in my first session. Even after the first session I felt a sense of lightness - I was given tools to use on a daily basis to help process my thoughts and feelings as they arose so they wouldn’t consume my mind and my day.

Each time I saw Diana I gained wonderful insights and awareness’s that helped me realise that a lot of the ‘stuff’ I was experiencing was not actually mine at all - this in itself was a revelation to me as I had always assumed that if I felt sad, tired, upset or had physical pain, that it was mine and that there was something ‘wrong’ with me. Diana helped me to see and understand that almost 98% of my thoughts and feelings were not mine at all – what a relief this was to hear!

Since seeing Diana my life has completely turned around. I found a new job with ease and also began experiencing much more ease with my thoughts and feelings and also around family, friends and money too!

I feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to turn my life around and to have found Diana at exactly the right time to help facilitate these changes for me. How does it get any better than this?


Diana and Loosh - what can I say? You changed my whole world and showed me how to be the infinite being I truly be.
I have no more confusion in my life - never have doubt in myself again as I know how to trust in myself - and am now able to teach my children to be the confident, infinite beings they be.

Since meeting Diana, I've completely changed. I'm so much happier, content and confident - comfortable in my own skin. My husband noticed the change in me immediately from our first meeting - he now comes to see you and you have helped him immensely as well.

When our baby boy died, I searched and searched for peace and the ability to move forward - Psychiatrist, counsellors, meetings with other bereaved parents but nothing seemed to be helping me. After a year of him passing, and having another baby I'd still wake every morning crying for him. I'd look in the mirror and say to my husband " I don't look the same, I don't look like the same person". I hadn't had my photo taken since he passed as I couldn't stand to look at myself. Even if I was smiling, it just wasn't me, it was awful. Desperate to move forward to enjoy my life and family again, I was put in your direction by a friend who told me to come for a Crystal Reading.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but was happy to give it a go. My 30 minute session turned into an hour and a half clearing of all the energy weighing me down and attached to me - It was AMAZING! I walked out of Loosh a totally different person. Lighter and happier, almost feeling quite strange, like what just happened to me???

When I got home, I knew the big test to see if it had worked was with my new baby as she would just sit and stare at me. It was hard for us to get a close connection as I had all this sadness weighing me down.

I went straight up to her, looked into her eyes and smiled. She beamed back at me! I started to cry - and we have never looked back, we are closer than ever. My husband came home from work that night, he could not believe the difference in me. The relief in his eyes and whole being was overwhelming. He had been so worried about me for so long and is forever grateful to Diana and Loosh for teaching us and helping us. When I bring my kids into Loosh to see Diana they just adore her. My eldest calls her Diana from the angel shop!

I now understand so much more and am so much happier that I don't have to be afraid of the energy around me, my dreams or my instincts - I just have to see what feels light and trust myself. If I ever have questions or have a bad day, Diana is always at the end of the phone for me and or at Loosh for me to visit.

Diana makes it all so simple. Not spooky or scary or a big deal - "it's all cool" she says, and it really is. It's just energy and it's no big deal. Don't make it greater than yourself.

She has become a treasured friend; we love her more than words can say. If any of you out there really want to enjoy this reality to it's full potential, and be who you truly be - do yourselves a favour and visit Diana and Loosh.


Thanks for a terrific workshop around money clearing. I had many ‘aha’ moments that made me realise I could apply these techniques not only to money matters, but everything else in life!

I was so impressed that the very next class was almost full of people I had raved to, and they too were delighted. The simple teachings have been easy to implement into my daily life and I have seen many great things created as a result!


Thank you for your amazing healing meditation class.
It did allow me to release and answer so many of my weeks issues and after
sharing my thoughts with others and being with like-minded people allows you to
be who you are. Thanks once again and looking forward to your next class

Love and light

Glen Waverly

Your business looks amazing, with beautiful product, & resonates deeply with the Oneness of whom we all are - Well done.


All of my experiences at Loosh have left me feeling light, capable and focused. Loosh has a wonderfully nurturing energy, and Diana has the uncanny ability of knowing what type of spiritual work you need on any given occasion. It's great to be able to walk into a space and feel completely accepted and loved in what has become an extremely fast-paced and ever-changing world... Thank you!


“Wow how amazing do I feel today!! Thank you for yesterday & I weighed in today and I am officially 10 kilos down yay!!!! Wow massive blockages released last night and now I feel so much lighter.”


“You are truly one of the greatest blessings in my life.”


“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you! Thank you so much for everything you have helped me become....no greater gift have I ever had.”


“Diana is gentle and gets to the heart of the issue with no judgement- - just love and acceptance. Diana’s target is always what’s for the highest good.”

Mill Park

Diana is unlike any other practitioner I have experienced. She has guided me to get real & truly look at where I am, with my thoughts, conclusions and perceptions of other people’s points of view. This is always done at a gentle speed in a way that I am willing to receive & to be in allowance of my inner change in a safe space to share and be heard.

She reminds me of the joy of life, by living from a space of what’s light for me. She is happy for clients to record their sessions so that they can go away with the awareness’s and listen again, and continue to receive when they choose to look deeper. Diana has firsthand experience with anxiety, and has overcome grief of her own & embraced who she truly be, her knowing, her awareness. She is willing to personally share her own life experience to show what else is possible, and what can be created when you listen to your awareness and choose from a space of total allowance of everything.

She has shown me that even in the direst circumstance I can find myself that I don't have to remain in the dark. She asks me to shine light on my own path and take brand new steps to choose, choose and choose again.

I walk out of a session with a greater sense of ease, expansion, lightness, an opened heart, and the space to allow my body to become one with my infinite being. Each session I have had with Diana creates more and more space for me to show up (in this reality) as me. She questions me until I show up & remember to breathe & embrace my knowing & who I truly be. There is so much gratitude in my heart for you Diana.

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!


The meeting environment, where you work with Diana is warm, comfy, non-clinical, non-intimidating and just all round inviting (contrast to counselling office) Her approach is earnest, motivating, productive, 'fun' (i mean it, i enjoy having a laugh in the sessions) and it's practical (contrast to counselling where you find yourself downloading and then leaving with limited action plan and exhaustion). Diana Provides a safe and non-judgemental space to share experiences and thoughts and fears, she offers different and helpful alternative perspectives and interpretations on life changing events. Its empowering to use the 'opportunities' that have come from a life changing event to my benefit and create the life I always wanted.

Diana is freaking awesome LOL!! Empowering, passionate, intuitive, committed, lovable, gifted, spirited, approachable and just downright special. Thank you magician!