Diana Marion is the founder of Loosh Exclusive, a Transformational Coach and Gifted Energy Worker and has been trained in a number of healing modalities, tools and processes over the past 18 years: Reiki, Seichim, Bodytalk, Massage, Neurostructural Integration Technique (Bowen Therapy), Thought Field Therapy, Psychic Healing, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Dowsing, Access Consciousness and more. She is also a trained early childhood teacher and special education teacher and has a background in educating people in nutrition and toxins. With her psychic capacities and incredible gift for tuning into energy, she absolutely loves to burst old paradigms that are keeping people from knowing how truly unstoppable they are! People walk into her space stuck, blocked and trapped in their limitations and walk out with a totally new and different perspective on their life and with an absolute knowing, that anything is truly possible for them!!
“My desire is to be a source of inspiration and a catalyst to bringing about all the changes required for you to connect to your own amazing awareness and knowing. So that you will know with all of your being, without any doubt, that you truly have the magnificent capacity to create and generate a totally different and phenomenal life filled with infinite and exciting possibilities!

All that you are required to do, sweet being, is to choose it!! I would so love to contribute to you choosing a life, living, reality and future that can truly work for you!”

Transformational Coach