About Loosh

For 6 years Loosh Exclusive was a very well known and respected Melbourne crystal shop & centre for consciousness that’s just recently moved online.

Loosh is a universal energy that was born through her and together they create and generate phenomenal change in all beings they encounter.  The word Loosh itself actually means Life Force Energy!

It’s the very energy that makes us who we be and our target at Loosh is to allow you to commune with the very essence of this energy once more. We are in absolute allowance of where you are right now and truly know that anything is possible for you!

We see you for who you truly be and are honoured to join with you on the journey to discovering that once more…and you most certainly can discover that once more no matter where you are in your life!

Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have and see if working with the energies Diana and Loosh could work for you?

What if Loosh is the difference you have been asking for? What if Loosh holds the energy of what you have been seeking for all of this time?

Email Loosh today: info@looshexclusive.com.au