Energetic Bodywork

“Your body’s ability to heal is greater than what anyone has ever permitted you to believe.”

A bodywork session involves the use of a range of energetic processes, along with verbal processing and clearing techniques that facilitate greater possibilities for you and your body. The energy work is deeply relaxing and extremely potent and it can create and generate awesome change through the unlocking of tension, blocks and resistance in the body. Generating a body that is more at ease rather than in dis-ease.

We ask the body before the session begins what it requires to facilitate the greatest change and transformation it is able to receive, this is to allow you to get the most out of each session. The session is a series of gentle hand positions held on the feet, head and torso.

Through these sessions you begin to uncover amazing capacities that your body has and you begin to relate to your body in a whole new and joyous way. Having greater ease and gratitude for your body, changes how you relate to everything in your world. At times, I've discovered that there are unconscious programs that have been impelled and locked into the body that can only be released through the body. These sessions give you and your body the possibility to release these programs so that you can truly experience a greater connection and communion with your body like never before. Having been trained in NST (Bowen Therapy) and Massage, these may also be included in the session if the body requires.

1.5hr session:$185