Loosh Exclusive

Welcome to Loosh! A centre for Consciousness inspired to create a more aware, conscious, joyous and united reality for all beings that are willing to choose more and know that more is truly possible for them!

Transformational Sessions

Healing & Clearing

Transformational Consciousness Healing & Clearing
Our signature session:

What would it take for you to create dynamic change in your life?

What clarity and awareness could unlock the door to greater change?

Crystal Readings

Developed and totally unique to Loosh
What do the crystals desire you to know?

Are you ready to be the greatness you truly be?

Bars Process

Access Consciousness Bars Process
Are you stuck in your head and driving yourself crazy?

The Bars are a simple, non-invasive energy process that leaves you
with a greater sense of peace, ease, space and possibility!

Energetic Bodywork

Deeply relaxing and extremely potent.
This process unlocks tension, blocks and resistance
in the body. Generating more ease rather than dis-ease!